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Site radiography

On site inspection

James Fisher NDT offers radiographic inspection on customer premises, either in a suitably shielded location or for fixed items which cannot be removed from site. Readily removable articles can be transported to one of our facilities for inspection.

Radiography is an excellent technique for the inspection of welds for quality control before putting the plant into service and also for condition assessments in service.  Other applications include inspections through insulating materials, pumps, valves, pipework, tanks, vessels, condensers, etc.  Using "profile" radiography it is possible to perform "double wall/single image" assessment of through wall condition to establish the presence and extent of metal loss through corrosion or internal lining breakdown and fouling.

Gamma radiography is performed with iridium sources or using the low emission system which provides high sensitivity at reduced risk and is more "site friendly" in terms of permits and work area restrictions.

JF NDT has extensive knowledge and experience of the detailed job planning, control measures, risk assessments and site administrative arrangements necessary to ensure that site radiographic inspections can be carried out in a safe manner. The HSE requires seven days of notification prior to work commencement.