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JF NDT has an enviable track record supporting industry with both conventional and specialised inspection services, on shore and off shore, at every stage of plant life - from construction through to abandonment.

The site services we provide include the full spectrum of conventional techniques such as radiographic, ultrasonic, penetrant and magnetic particle testing to more specialised methods such as time of flight diffraction, high resolution ultrasonic imaging and digital radiography.

We also offer a range of complementary tube testing services which include remote visual, IRIS ultrasonic and eddy current methods. Supplementary services include technical support, technique development and inspection planning. Industrial applications cover the quality control of manufactured and fabricated components and their through life "risk based" inspection centred on the effects of service induced defects such as corrosion, erosion, material degradation and mechanical damage caused by cyclic loading - particularly in applications where micro-structural damage has occurred.

Materials we inspect range from carbon and alloy steels to non-ferrous metals such as nickel, aluminium and bronze, from thin wall extrusions to extremely heavy wall cast, forged and clad components. Non-metallic materials include modern glass and carbon reinforced composites.

Our applications include working at temperatures from way below zero to180ºc, remote underwater (ROV deployed) inspection of a sunken tanker at a depth of 4000m, the "in service" inspection of nuclear reactor vessel internals with fuel still in situ and the inspection of the upper strake of one of the tallest reactor columns in the world.

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By working closely with our clients and by using appropriate risk based inspection techniques and appropriate technology we are focused on problem solving to deliver better pre-emptive awareness of the condition and integrity of safety and production critical assets in a cost effective fashion.