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Standard X-ray inspection systems

A range of standard X-ray inspection systems can be configured by James Fisher NDT (JF NDT) to meet the requirements of many industrial inspection challenges. The systems are designed to be rugged, fit for purpose and for use in an industrial environment.

All of the systems benefit from state-of-the-art imaging, inspection and archiving software.

C-Arm system

A C-Arm X-ray inspection system in a standalone shielded cabinet is a flexible, reliable and versatile solution to many industrial inspection challenges. The C-arm can be configured with a range of sources and detectors to meet the requirements of many industrial applications. The manipulator and the imaging chain can be manually operated or programmed to take a repeatable sequence of images.



T-Conveyor systems

For a single view inspection, a T-Conveyor configuration offers a robust, rapid throughput and high image quality system. With part locators fitted to the conveyor, a consistent and optimal orientation of a wide range of parts can be assured.



Pipe and weld inspection systems

A digital pipe and weld inspection system offers time-saving benefits for the quality control of a variety of fabrications. A range of high resolution imaging systems are suitable for normal and high pressure tube welds. Systems are available with manual or two-axis programmable manipulation.



Wheel inspection systems

Wheel machines require a single rotation to inspect cast aluminium wheels for defects. The wheels are fed in on a conveyor and are lifted, rotated and inspected with a cycle time of under a minute. The raw image is reconstructed into circular images for rapid and reliable inspection of defects on both the wheel rim and the hub/spoke interface.