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Bespoke X-ray inspection Services

Bespoke x-ray system

Very large or unusually shaped items can require a bespoke solution to enable the inspection to be achieved to the required quality in an efficient manner.

With a wide range of mechanical handling approaches combined with a custom enclosure and a carefully tailored imaging chain, a bespoke solution can be configured to suit those applications not covered by standard products.

High energy systems

For thick sections of dense materials, it is not possible to acquire good quality images with a 450keV X-ray source. The greater penetrating power of high energy X-rays from a linear accelerator or a betatron require more substantial shielding but deliver excellent imaging results for high mass components.

James Fisher NDT can design and deliver a turn-key solution to your high energy imaging requirements. High energy systems require substantial sheilding and a carefully designed facility with the appropriate safety features and services for efficient and safe operation. We can assess your location and advise on the building and shielding requirements to meet regulations and good practice. We can design and project manage the upgrade of an existing facility or build a new one. With access to the VJIS high energy facility in Connecticut, we can run trials with sample components to validate the inspection system design before build.