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Component testing

X-ray component testing

JFNDT operates a component testing laboratory offering X-ray inspection services from our state-of-the-art facility in Deeside, North Wales.

The component testing division is predominately involved with the application of radiography for quality control of "as manufactured" parts, integrity of castings and radiography of welds for the aerospace, automotive and power generation markets. In these safety and liability conscious markets, our primary focus is on efficient delivery of X-ray inspection services on more than 100,000 parts per annum to the requisite quality and traceability standards.

The division is resourced with more than 20 PCN/NAS 410 qualified staff, eight fully equipped X-ray bays supported by radiograph viewing rooms and is able to deliver both conventional and computed radiography to carry out highly detailed non destructive inspections as required by our clients.

The radiographic services are supplemented by a range of other methods, which include high resolution ultrasonic imaging techniques (particularly suited to the inspection of composite materials and the micro-structural assessment of castings and forgings) and various surface and near surface testing methods including dye penetrant, eddy current and remote visual inspection.

We work closely with our clients to ensure we carry out our inspections to their exacting standards using the prescribed code, standard or test procedure. The approach we use is designed to ensure that all test parameters are optimised to meet customer requirements and generate the best possible results in terms of probability of detection, quality of information and accuracy of assessment.