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Innovation: Orpheus bespoke scanner

JF NDT has worked with gas utility operator SGN and phoenix ISL to develop a new testing solution for use on their Orpheus gas pressure regulators. The bespoke solution uses ultrasonic transducers to provide high accuracy data concerning the corrosion thickness of the pipework without the need for time consuming and labour intensive excavation work.

Ultrasonic NDT phased array bracelet scanner

The phased array bracelet scanner is a probe made up of multiple small elements and is well suited to applications where limited access is available such as boilers and other areas where pipework is in close proximity to other equipment.

Designed for weld inspection and crack detection bracelet scanners are essential across a wide range of industries from aerospace to power generation, petro chemical and metal billet through to tubular goods suppliers, and pipeline construction and maintenance.


In-house radiography

Radiography is a versatile tool for the inspection of a wide variety of items. Watch the video to learn about James Fisher NDT's in-house radiography capabilities.


Corrosion mapping video scanner

Corrosion mapping video scanners allow curved surfaces and difficult to reach areas to be effectively inspected for potential areas of concern. Using an LED and camera the probe can be tracked across the surface and the areas of damage or corrosion can be identified and accurately located.


Corrosion mapping large diameter pipework 

The 'Swipe Scanner' from James Fisher NDT makes mapping large vessels, tanks and pipework simple, accurate and fast. Allowing you to quickly asses internal corrosion levels of your key infrastructure avoiding unexpected and inconvenient asset down time.

Remotely operated corrosion mapping

Speed up inspection and remove the need for costly and time consuming scaffolding with the RMS 600 free crawling ultrasonic scanner from James Fisher NDT gives fast, accurate and reliable corrosion scanning in a fraction of the time needed for more traditional NDT inspection methods.

Phased array inspection of slip on flange weld

The chain scanner from James Fisher NDT is designed to carry out in service inspection of wide diameter pipe welds and accurately measure weld quality and corrosion around slip on flanges for wide diameter pipes without the need to open and access the pipework directly as this is seldom practical due to operational and safety considerations.

CM tracer ultrasonic NDT

Light, compact and portable ultrasonic scanner for fast and accurate corrosion mapping.

Phased array thick plate weld inspection

Testing weld integrity/quality of thick wall plate butt-weld with phased array technique. 

TOFD pipe scan

In service scanning of welds using Time Of Flight Defraction to identify any areas of defect including corrosion or erosion. 

TOFD thick plate weld inspection

Using pressure waves to identify damage and defects within welds on thick plate to give quick and accurate results for 'in service' inspection.