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NDT techniques

Ultrasonic testing

Ultrasonic testing

We offer a full range of conventional code compliant ultrasonic inspection and testing services using both analogue and digital flaw detection equipment.

The techniques used include normal compression wave testing for wall thickness measurement, angled shear and compression wave testing for volumetric testing such as weld inspection near surface defect detection techniques for the assessment of surface cracks and structural damage such as micro-cracking.

JF NDT has considerable experience in using a wide range of ultrasonic inspection techniques to assess defects/flaws in plant and equipment. Computerised imaging techniques (CIT) such as phased array (PAUT), time of flight diffraction (TOFD), ultrasonic corrosion mapping, long range ultrasonic (LRUT). PAUT & TOFD combined with pulsed-echo and high resolution ultrasonic imaging each have their strengths and benefits in carrying out a particular inspection. JF NDT has the skills to determine which technique will best support the inspection challenge and deliver the required quality at minimum time and cost to our customers.